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Translogic Systems Ltd has been involved in aftermarket race performance accessories for 17 years and have accumulated a wealth of experience which has allowed us to become a world leader in technology performance products. We are pioneers in Quickshifter systems. Quickshifter sensors using in house strain gauge technology, gear position display products and tiptronic Powershifter push button shifters. We have enjoyed great success both on and off the race track with our world renowned Quickshifter systems. New exciting products are constantly being developed to continue being the number one technology supplier to both OEM and after-sales market segments and to feature in virtually every championship in the world and are used in Moto2, Moto3, BSB, WSB and many more...

Translogic Systems Ltd is proud to have a unique relationship with its race teams and develop its products with the aid of the best technicians within the industry culminating in the most reliable and easy to set-up shifter systems available. Products are designed with years of experience and with the use of the leading 3D parametric computer software technology giving us the ability to move through rapid development, thorough testing and into production with confidence. Translogic Powershifter systems. Micro Dash systems as well as Quickshifter systems are also featured in other autosport segments, British Touring Car Championship, Classic Formula 1 racing, GT Supercar and more, testament to Translogic's superior product reliability and design.

Translogic Systems Ltd products have been featured in many films and more recently in the latest Batman release, `The Dark Night Rises'. Film companies and special effect studios depend on products supplied by Translogic to create the mind blowing motorcycle and car chases. The Powershift push button gear shift products offer a unique solution to shifting gear on motorcycle applications where the actors/stunt riders simply can't change gears without the aid of remote gear changing. Translogic Systems Ltd can provide the solution to many unusual applications ensuring the highest quality viewing experiences for audiences the world over.

AST + IntellishiftTM

Translogic Systems Ltd has developed the most advanced quickshifter systems available and exclusively have the unique AST feature (Adaptive Shift Technology), the most important aspect of a great Quickshifter system, without this the Quickshift will not be good enough at mid to lower RPMs, the result will be snatchy gear shifts unless you are higher up in the engines rev range. There are many actions carried out during the AST function, too many to mention and that's what seperates Translogic quick shifter systems from all others, this is the product recommended by Factory race teams.

Product Quality

All Translogic products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and go through punishing environmental testing procedures to attain the peace of mind associated with the finest quality products our customers expect.


We aim to supply products within 3 working days or sooner*. However, 5-10 days should be allowed for international deliveries.
* Applies to products held in stock and delivered to UK destinations.


(HRC Honda, HM Plant, ) Michael Rutter, British Superbike Championship says; "It's the best quickshifter in the world!".

(Superbike Magazine) The Translogic quickshifter lets you change up through the gearbox without the need to shut the throttle. It's insane as you hurtle along country roads accelerating faster than you can imagine. It takes some getting use to the difference in the speed of acceleration. At the track it helps shave seconds off your lap times. It also helps settle the bike if you make changes mid corner. They have improved since I had one three years ago by the addition of a GP pressure sensor which needs a little more pressure on the gearlever to change gear. Fitting is a breeze with plug and play connectors, although on the Blade it meant taking the fairing and tank off which is why Crescent motorcycles did mine for me. The `Intellishift' automatically adjusts the shift speed depending on engine RPMs to give the smoothest changes. Once fitted there is no need to adjust again.

`ALAN CATHCART' world renowned journalist of the motorcycling industry who has ridden many bikes with every type of quickshifter going says; "Translogic has managed to do something that no other quickshifter manufacturer has been able to do, develop and produce a quickshifter that can be used effectively on the road as well as the track. The Translogic worked faultlessly even when I flat shifted wide open as low as 4,000 RPM, or did so using about half-throttle or less. Makes it more of a semi-automatic gear shift, rather like a Porsche Sportmatic or any of the clutchless car systems - but the fact is that thanks to an interrupter on the ignition program which ensures a smooth take-up no matter what the revs or throttle opening, it worked perfectly when I rode it, and is a must fit option on sportsbikes!"

MCN (Motorcycle News) "We have tried many quickshifters in the past on road tests and just end up switching them off, but this is really different, you can actually shift up at very low revs and its' still smooth, the best we've tried!"

`RICHARD HALFPENNY' Just a quick thank you message. I just fitted a QS4GP system to my 2002 R1 and would like to congratulate you on a superb product. Easy to install, and flawless in operation. Thanks for offering such a well developed product.

(Superbike magazine) Translogic Micro Dash. This is an extremely high quality item, looking like it just came off a proper superbike racer. The Translogic Micro Dash is a replacement dash with a high-contrast LCD display for gear position, revs, speed, engine temp, 100 lap memory lap timer (via handle bar mounted button), battery voltage and distance. There's also a neutral light, high beam indicator and super bright shift light array. It's all mounted in a posh aluminium casing, with weather proof seals and aluminium mounting bracket. It's all supplied with a neat wiring loom that will need to be spliced into your bikes existing wiring loom., pretty much the perfect instrumentation for an ultimate track bike or street special.

(Superbike magazine) Translogic Systems Ltd are the market leaders in quickshifter technology and the Crescent Suzuki boys and the majority of the BSB grid will agree having used Translogic for the last couple of seasons. Translogic fitted a QS4 quickshifter to the ZX6R. After getting used to it, it rocks! At Bruntingthorpe I spent the day showing Al's CBR6 a clean pair of heals down the runway. It makes for super smooth gear changes, you can wheelie through the box without shutting off and upsetting the balance of the bike which improved my distances greatly. On the way home I turned it off and noticed how much effort there was in changing gear! It really makes for an easier ride with a quickshifter and is a great gadget to have and if you do track days you will benefit even more.

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Product Warranty Terms

Translogic products are covered by a warranty, where applicable, which starts from the date of purchase against any defect in materials or workmanship (see schedule below).

1. If any defect should occur during the warranty period the product should be returned to Translogic Systems Ltd, (see address), or alternatively to the place of purchase along with proof of purchase. This warranty does not cover labour costs or shipping to and from Translogic Systems Ltd..

2. Translogic Systems Ltd will examine the product and if it is found to be defective due to faulty materials or bad workmanship will, without charge, repair or replace the product at their discretion.

3. If the product covered by this warranty is damaged due to accidents, misuse, modification or unauthorised repair, shortening of cables, broken weatherproof seals due to cable exit bending/pulling or incorrect electrical connections then this warranty becomes void.

4. This warranty is personal to the purchaser and is non transferable.

5. Products returned to Translogic Systems Ltd should be packed carefully to avoid damage in transit. Please include details of the fault together with your name, address and contact telephone numbers and proof of purchase.

Product Warranty Period

Any products fitted to Motocross, Supermoto, Dirt Buggy, Formula SAE and Kart applications are not covered by a warranty once installed and used. New complete Powershifter systems are covered by a 6 month warranty. New complete iS4 Quickshifter Systems feature a 2 year warranty. New complete QSX Quickshifter systems are covered by a 1 year warranty. Translogic Quickshifter sensors fitted to third party devices are not covered by any warranty.

Returns Policy

If you decide to return an un-used & not fitted product to Translogic Systems Ltd or your supplying dealer within 14 days from receipt of goods Translogic Systems Ltd or your supplying dealer will refund to you the original product cost minus a 20% re-stocking & handling charge and origin postage/shipping cost which will be notified to the customer prior to any authorisied product return. Any return postage/shipping costs to Translogic Systems Ltd or your supplying dealer must be absorbed by the customer.

Other information

Translogic Systems offers technical support over the phone to all its customers in the case that you may need a little help. You can obtain further information regarding Translogic products by contacting your Translogic Systems Ltd dealer:- Click here to "Find a Dealer"

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